What are The Mibblers?
The Mibblers are an original tribe of teething toys created by a mama for her gorgeous teething baby. With concerns over other teethers and choking hazards on the market, it was time for an alternative to be created. The Mibblers are specifically developed to be free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. These teethers have a super cute squeaker which gives them added personality and entertainment for your baby. They are durable and perfect for teething babies as each part of The Mibblers has been designed to maximise the perfect chewing pleasure for your little one. You’ll be surprised at how much they love their Mibbler.

The Mibblers will get you through those teething blues, they’ll take a beating and hold up for the long fight but they won’t be without battle scars! We have thousands of happy mamas who have purchased The Mibblers and who’s little ones still love them even after the teething stage and up to 5 years old and beyond! You can read our reviews online here – or check out our Instagram for regular fan photos.

What are they made of?
The Mibblers are made from 100% Natural Rubber and each Mibbler is hand painted using food grade paint to make each one original, super cute and quirky. As The Mibblers are a natural product it is quite common for them to deteriorate after prolonged periods of time if in direct sunlight, or if they’ve been chewed to death.

Are The Mibblers safe?
Absolutely! Yes. The Mibblers are BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead free. Our products meet or exceed safety requirements in Australia, US, Canada and Europe and we regularly test them to ensure we keep up with any industry changes. The Mibblers have no elongated parts, no long legs or arms so no choke hazard risk with baby pushing it too far into their mouth, their sticky outtie bits will give your baby hours of chewing pleasure without the risk!

What is the best way to clean The Mibblers?
The very best way to clean The Mibblers is to give them a wipe over with a non-toxic baby wipe or with a damp cloth using soapy water. If you want to run your Mibbler under the tap please stick your finger on their squeaker hole to prevent water entering the toy. Please do not submerge The Mibblers as the water can affect the squeaker and the toy can become water logged and cause internal rot. Gross right? Yep! So keep The Mibblers free from bath water and they’ll be super happy campers. In addition, please do not put The Mibblers in boiling water, a steriliser, dishwasher or in the microwave, you wouldn’t like it and frankly neither do they! We have three simple rules to follow for happy long lasting Mibblers.

Do The Mibblers contain Latex?
Yes. We understand that some people are sensitive to Latex so we don’t try to hide this fact. Please always ensure the product is used as intended. Other teething products on the market may contain Latex too, but do not necessarily advertise this fact, so please purchase with care. We like to be 100% honest and transparent with our brand for your peace of mind, trust and buying confidence.

Where are The Mibblers Designed + Made?
Our quirky teething tribe and all of our other cool products are all designed in Australia by two clever mamas Lisa + Dee. All of our designs are protected under Copyright and we have trademarks pending in most Countries where we are distributed (and growing). To ensure you support the original Mibblers brand, be sure you purchase The Mibblers from this website or contact us for your local retailer. As our popularity grows, so to do the counterfeit products – GAH! It’s so uncool but it’s a reality. We try to shut them down as quickly as they pop up but if you have any concerns please reach out to us and let us know. Buying from an unapproved third party is dangerous and can put your baby at high risk, as the components, materials and testing will not be to our standards and you won’t have our quality guarantee. And let’s face it, when it comes to your baby, only the best will do. So we got you.

Any stores found selling counterfeit goods will be pursued under International copyright law.

The Mibblers are made in our socially responsible facility in China. But don’t let that put you off. We have personally travelled to our creators’ hub and they are an awesome group of creative people. With years and years of industry expertise and skill, they are just as passionate and excited about The Mibblers as we are. We ensure that the people who help in creating each and every Mibbler are treated fairly, with great working conditions and pay, and are not exploited in any way whatsoever. Our team just LOVE The Mibblers, each one is hand painted with love and we are sure a little chuckle is had every time one is completed and stares back at it’s maker with it’s super quirky smile! The Mibblers are a tribe in themselves, but the tribe behind them are awesome too from start to finish.