It all starts with an idea, right?

In 2016 an idea was born, late one night, after a few glasses of wine (not going to lie) where Dee was sitting at her kitchen table with a sketch book and a pen in hand. For years and years whilst exhibiting at expos one thing so many parents were looking for was “a really cool and safe teething toy”. There was the giraffe that everyone knew, but not everybody loved. There were lots of other cheap plastic feeling teethers on the market, but where was the imagination, the fun and the quirky? There didn’t seem to be anything!

So, the sketching began. This teething toy had to be unique, it had to be fun but most of all it had to be safe. Enough sticky-outtie bits that babies could grab and bite and slobber on but no long limbs or small parts that could be a choking issue. The sketching continued late into the night, and in the morning,  Dee showed her hubby and little boy Max the sketch and they were excited about meeting “The Mibblers”

In 2017 the products hit shelves across Australia and fell into the hands of babes across the world. And they LOVED them. They were a hit! It was very soon after their launch that The Mibblers were nominated for their very first award with MyChild Magazine Excellence Awards for Favourite Teething Toy. The public showed their support for the rookie teething toy and were placed 3rd, receiving the Bronze medallion – Woohoo! And yes, there was a giraffe in the top spot followed by a glove from the UK, but The Mibblers were the only Australian brand to place AND we were less than 6 months old. So the brand was launched.

The Mibblers picked up distribution in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and fans started sharing their photos and praise for the quirky little teething toy who was winning hearts everywhere.

In late 2017, Dee decided that if The Mibblers were going to grow successfully and develop new products and be able to meet the demand, she needed a partner. So, an amazingly talented business partner was found in Lisa. The ideas were flowing, the designs were created, and the product ranges began to form. And it only made sense that The Mibblers original teething toy also needed a partner, so we designed and created our Girlie Mibbler who is the absolute cutest teething toy around – eyelashes and bows? Ahh it’s gorgeous!

In 2018 Lisa and Dee have found their little teething toy tribe grow, and the product range take them into new and exciting categories, so watch this space! Lisa even found time to grow another little human and give birth to another beautiful baby boy. How talented are mamas, seriously? The Mibblers have also been nominated for numerous awards including the MyChild Excellence Awards and the Mother and Baby Awards and are continuing to win over new fans across the globe – the future is so exciting.

We so appreciate all your support, feedback, kindness and love. We absolutely know we are up against fierce competition in this business that we’ve chosen but while we have amazing fans who continue to support us, share our story and our products and follow our journey we feel like we got this!

Thank you for supporting two hard working mamas just giving it a crack!

Lisa + Dee